When you begin reading Suitor Armor on Webtoons, the pretty color palette and the clean art style delivered by creator Purpah draw you in. After the first episode, you are transported to a complicated fantasy realm filled with fey creatures, mages with ulterior motives, and young royal ladies itching for their wedding day.

At the forefront is Lucia. Found as a young girl, she is now Lady-in-Waiting to Kirsi, the Lord’s lively, boy-crazy, wine-drinking daughter who can’t wait to begin her path to becoming queen. Lucia must hide her true fairy nature, binding her wings and covering her ears, mainly because the fairy war still rages on in the background of the story.

Also lurking in the shadows is court mage Norrix. His enchanted suit of armor, Modeus, has bested the king’s champion, leaving the confident knight bloodied and embarrassed. But when Modeus seems drawn to Lucia and she to him, does that mean there is more to him than chainmail and a long sword?

For those who enjoy a fantasy realm, the story offers plenty of action and magic, but there is also a human aspect underneath the tournaments and corsets. Even though it is early on in the series, you are instantly curious about Lucia and why Kirsi’s father brought her to his home. And why is this sentient suit of armor drawn to her?

Suitor Armor is free to read on Webtoons, with new installments every Friday. Click here to begin.

Suitor Armor


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