“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Maybe it’s the Lego-ish/Pac-Man looking ghost haunting the castle? Or is it the nefarious Claudius shacking up with the Prince’s mom three seconds after the king dies? In Stick Figure Hamlet (or The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark As Adapted by Dan Carroll from this play he read one time), fans of the bard’s greatest tragedy get the full text of the play, but the characters are adorable stick figures. For those who have struggled to appreciate Shakespeare, now is your chance to see why his work has endured for centuries and has seen so many incarnations.

For some reason, reading Shakespeare is easier when you have stick figures acting out the play in front of you. The expressions and gestures illustrated in each panel perfectly set the tone and help those who struggle with the poetry understand it a little better. Throughout the five acts, creator Carroll also throws in a few sight gags and humorous panels between the poetic lines of dialogue. Besides the aforementioned ghost in the first act, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern look an awful lot like Bert and Ernie.

Stick Figure Hamlet can be read in its entirety for free here. You can also purchase a paperback version by clicking the link on the website.

Stick Figure Hamlet