the-brooklynite-poster-211782.jpgWe’ve spotlighted a few of the comics in the “New Brooklyn” universe on Line Webtoon since this series began. And here’s the last one: The Brooklynite by Seth Kushner and Sheamus Beyale, with additional art by  Jason Goungor and Komikaki Studios.

The Brooklynite, which is about a comics artist who fights crime by night as the Brooklynite, wrapped up its run yesterday with the 26th episode. As you may know, creator Kushner, best known as a brilliant photographer but with an increasing comics profile  –  died two years ago, at the too young age of 41, leaving behind a wife and a son.

The Brooklynite carried on although Kushner never lived to see it.  As studio mate Dean Haspiel wrote yesterday:


So with the story complete, check it out, and lift a glass to the memory of Seth Kushner. If creativity is a form of immortality, he’s still here, and will never leave us.

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  1. Hello, Shamus Beyale is my husband and you have misspelled his first name; could it be corrected, please?

    Thank you very much

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