First off, I am totally stealing this list of up and coming cartoonists at TCAF by Ardo Omer.

The first name on her list is Ru Xu, definitely an up and comer. This Chinese-American  SCAD grad already has a full length graphic novel coming out from Scholastic/Graphix, Newsprints, which is about a girl who disguises herself as a newsboy in an imagined steampunk city during wartime and has adventures. It looks amazing. Also, so many kids GNs coming out that I haven’t even heard of!


Xu is also the creator of the webcomic Saint for Rent which has this logline:

Saint runs an inn for Time Travelers, which leaves him little time to write his trashy romance novels. Always a pit stop in the crisscrossing lives of his out-of-date friends and family, Saint wonders where his place is in a world that is quickly passing him by.

Unfortunately, he also seems to attract more… supernatural “guests,” too.

This comics uses touches of gif animation for panels here and there. I could only read the first chapter and the story is just getting going, but the art is…amazingly gorgeous.

I haven’t seen much “comics” press for Ru Xu yet but I’m pretty certain that will be changing.






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