wntqoeowx9jlknvltwwp.pngWe’ve made no secret of our admiration for Black Hammer, the deconstructed superhero saga by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston. Writer Lemire offers an off kilter view of a superteam that was transported to a strange dimension after they defeated their greatest menace in an epic, crossover worthy battle. Now they find themselves living on a farm and trying to pretend to be normal. The star here is Ormston’s art, creepy, evocative and full of arresting designs.

But Lemire’s black take on superhero irrelevance is no slouch either. And today the book spun off into Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil, a new mini series that looks at the history of one of the series’ villains. And the art is by David Rubin so

The initial run of Black Hammer is ending, but a second series, Black Hammer: Age of Doom, hits in April, after Sherlock Frankenstein wraps up.

In order to get everyone up to speed, io9 is offering the first issue of Black Hammer to read in its entirety for FREE! Just go here and immerse yourself in this despondent, decayed world of tractors and steampunk robots.

Set in a sendup of the Golden Age of Superhero comics, Black Hammer follows the heroes of Spiral City—not at the peak of their heroic careers, but instead after a climactic battle with their villainous counterparts where they’ve been flung far away to a mysterious farm, and have to learn how to live a new life away from superheroics.


And to get you started here’s a peek at the free peek.



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