Tom Scioli is one of my favorite cartoonists currently working. His 2014-2016 effort, Transformers vs. GI Joe, which he co-wrote with John Barber and illustrated, turned the concept of a comic based on a pre-existing property on its head. What was originally pitched by Scioli as a “S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Asgard” series was morphed into something even more wild and subversive, and one of the best comics of its respective years.

IDW, who published that aforementioned title, also recently produced a hardcover edition of his “He-Man/Jack Kirby” inspired American Barbarian, an utterly joyous post-apocalyptic experience.

Currently, he’s producing 3-page Super Powers back-ups in DC/Young Animal’s Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, which are a delight each time out – his origin story for Green Arrow is particularly inspired, and the upcoming one-shot Transformers vs GI Joe: The Movie Adaptation, which presents itself as the adaptation of the fictionalized movie version of the previous series.

And between all of that, he’s also making time to produce a weekly web strip. Entitled Princess, Scioli pitched it to Multiversity Comics earlier this week:

It’s hard to do the elevator pitch without revealing the surprise twists. It’s a story that begins very simply and appears simple on the surface. A badass alien space princess is on the run from the warlords who have taken over her planet. Adventure, twists, turns, fights, chases and revelations follow.

You can read Princess, one page at a time, each week at



  1. So, basically STAR WARS meets the Cthulhu Mythos? The figures are a bit shaky and it looks derivative, but this could be fun.

  2. Knowing Tom Scioli’s work, I bet it will be much more than “STAR WARS meets Cthulhu.” And it will surely be immensely fun. The sound effect “BLEERM,” simply taken all by itself, fills me with happiness.

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