Man oh man how have I not linked to this before? Keiler Roberts’ Powdered Milk is an ongoing autobiographical comic about a woman, her husband, their daughter, Xia, and their dog, Crooky…but it’s not like the other family autobio comics. The word unflinching is often tossed around, but these comics are truly honest and unsparing, not just because they talk about potty training but because they capture the off kilter, unpredictable nature of human interaction. That the Roberts family loves one another is never in doubt, but how that love is expressed on a daily basis isn’t always selfless and isn’t always resolved in pat four panel chunks.

Powdered Milk won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Series last year and was included in the The Best American Comics 2016. Roberts latest collection Sunburning is coming out next month from Koyama Press and it’s sure to be one of the most acclaimed books of the year. playground_p1_800playground_p2_800



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