There’s been a bit of musical chairs with the symbiotes in the world Spider-Man of Spider-Man in recent years, with Eddie Brock having a stint as Anti-Venom and chasing around Carnage in that title.  As of next month, Brock is back in his original symbiotic identity as Venom and we have some preview pages of that:

Official PR:

New York, NY—March, 27th 2017 — Reunited and it feels so good! That’s right, True Believer, Eddie Brock has reunited with the symbiote at long last! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside VENOM #6 – the next senses shattering issue from creators Mike Costa and Gerardo Sandoval! It’s a battle for the ages as new Venom host Lee Price throws down with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! But amid the chaos and the fury of battle, a familiar face returns! That’s right, Eddie Brock is back to reclaim his rightful place as the one-and-only Venom! Can symbiote and host coexist as they once did? With Eddie Brock back on the board, what will become of Lee Price? And seeds sown here bear bitter fruit in May’s oversized Venom #150. The fireworks begin on April 19th  in the can’t-miss VENOM #6!

VENOM #6 (FEB170855)

Written by MIKE COSTA

Remastered Variant by TODD MCFARLANE (FEB170856)
ResurrXion Variant by DAN MORA (FE