So I despise birds. Always have. They are my least favorite animal in the world, and I’d rather sit in a pit of snakes that have those flying creatures circling my head. When I came upon Pelican Bastards, I didn’t realize that the comedy webcomic would prove my theories to be correct about our feathered “friends.”

Created by Michael Aushenker (Heavy Metal Magazine, Bart Simpson, Gumby, Chipmunks & Squirrels, the El Gato, Crime Mangler series), the web series follows a particularly awful gang of pelicans as they do everything from poop on people to straight-up murder. The seabirds—Ivan, Glenn, Jamie, and Claude—are a-holes and know it. They love it, and they create even more mischief when they realize no one can stop them, especially the less than effective police force in town.

Available on Solrad and still updating with new, crazy adventures every Monday, the web series is wacky fun. Each installment follows the gang of birds pushing the limits to see just how inept humanity is around them. And their antics aren’t just reserved for their hometown. In one episode they…unload… on a certain North Korean supreme leader.

To begin reading Pelican Bastards, click here. Finally, I feel vindicated that birds really are the jerks I’ve always known them to be.

Pelican Bastards