In the second season of Kricket the Cat by Reilly Hadden, which is currently being published on a weekly basis at SOLRAD, the eponymous feline is always going on incredible adventures!

Kricket the Cat discovers the “Fancy-Bird”!

Over the course of the strips that have been posted on SOLRAD weekly since September 2020, Kricket encounters goblins and ghosts, tries on new types of clothes and hairstyles, and even discovers the fabled “fancy-bird”!

Ever had a roommate who is a hair vampire?

The comic features a blend of more grounded adventures, like trying on new dresses with your friends, as well as more classically “genre” adventures, like dungeon crawls and monster encounters. In some strips, Kricket’s family history is explored, adding more texture to the character’s backstory. But whatever adventures might be undertaken, the cat’s sweet perspective and propensity to rely on friends always keeps the reader engaged.

I recognize that voice!

Plus, Kricket the Cat even recently had a special crossover strip! The protagonists of Mathew New’s classic children’s comic Billy Johnson and his Duck are Explorers, Billy and Barrace, recently made a cameo appearance in Kricket the Cat #38.

To me, my X-Fors!

If you’d like to read the first season of Kricket the Cat, which was originally serialized on Instagram, you can purchase it in zine form from Hadden’s Etsy shop.

I prefer Dungeon Number Nine.

You can support Kricket the Cat directly through Patreon, which will also gain you access to exclusive content, including mini-comics and early releases. And you’ll want to follow the official Kricket the Cat Twitter page to keep up with all of the latest updates!

Who has the top score on Coal Salad-er?

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