The definition of a doppelganger is “an apparition or double of a living person.” Literally meaning “double walker” in German, the legends of these unwanted twins have been around for centuries, and seeing yours usually means bad luck. In Parallel City, encountering your evil twin may be deadly.

Created by Goda, the science fiction web series follows Min, a young student who is still holding out hope that his missing friend Jung is not dead, even though everyone else believes the boy is long gone. Min gets so angry when anyone suggests that Jung is dead that it usually leads to a physical altercation, and in the midst of one such fight the unbelievable happens—Jung shows up. But is it really him? He looks like Jung but something is…off…

As the narrative moves forward, more people claim to see their doubles walking around. And it’s no coincidence that more people start going missing. Min then sees something completely unexplainable, and no one believes him. But he knows what he saw, even if it makes no sense. It looks like doppelgangers really are harbingers of evil.

The series offers an exciting take on the mythology of finding your double. The art is clean and simple, letting the story take point, and the muted colors set up the unsettling atmosphere well.  The narrative flows easily from panel to panel, providing action, mystery, and enough character development to keep you invested.

Parallel City currently has four installments to read for free on Webtoons. Look for updates on Thursdays.

Parallel City