Life can be tricky when you just get out of college. You are officially an adult navigating your way through career choices, love, and just trying to keep up with the grown-up stuff like bills and grocery shopping. Octopus Pie provides a realistic, yet amusing look at what life is like for two young women living in Brooklyn and what it’s like being a young adult in the fast-paced city.

Written and illustrated by Eisner-nominated Meredith Gran (Marceline & the Scream Queens, Marceline Gone Adrift), the series focuses mostly on Eve Ning, who is described by the creator as “a post-college grumpy grump who works at an organic grocery store in Manhattan. She can’t imagine the people in her life being any more annoying. Turns out they can and always are.” Eve also must deal with her mother’s intrusion in her life, which is how she ends up living with Hanna, a much more free-spirited, unpredictable personality. She and Eve couldn’t be more different and their amusing first encounter sets the tone of their offbeat friendship.

The webseries, which ran from 2007 through 2017, offers a relatable albeit wacky look at how confusing and chaotic post-college life can be. You feel Eve’s frustration and even though you laugh as her cat pukes on her, you’ve been there. Maybe it wasn’t a cat, but just as you begin to see the silver lining, something reminds you why you were grumpy in the first place.

To begin reading Octopus Pie, click here. The website also offers an episode guide and even a web store for merchandise based on the series.

Octopus Pie