In Not Even Bones, Nita doesn’t really want to hunt and dissect supernatural beings so that their parts can be sold on the black market. Unfortunately for her, it’s her mother’s business and the woman takes great pleasure in making money off magical organs, appendages, and more. Nita doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter, especially when her mother uses psychological warfare to manipulate her daughter into doing what she’s told.

Based on the first installment of the critically acclaimed young adult series Market of Monsters by Rebecca Schaeffer, the comic is written and adapted by Stephen Lamm, and introduces a universe of supernatural beings living alongside humans and a sordid underworld where their magical bodies are worth thousands, if not millions. Our protagonist, Nita, is torn between what is morally right (even when dealing with monsters) and what her emotionally abusive mother wants. Usually the monsters are dead when Nita gets them for dissection, but when her mother brings home a living specimen the girl is overwhelmed with sympathy, something her mother won’t tolerate. This monster boy’s parts in particular also mean mega bucks for her, and Nita is now faced with a big decision: abide her mother or choose the moral high ground.

The series features art by Alai Cinereo, which perfectly sets the dark, moody tone of the narrative. The clean lines and somber colors create a mysterious backdrop for the creepy, shady family business. The tone of the art also illustrates Nita’s isolation and confusion in an unsavory world her mother has forced upon her.

Currently, there are four episodes posted on Webtoons, with updates to the series every Friday. So far, the series is intriguing, and the dynamic between mother and daughter is a well-crafted conflict that drives the horror/thriller plotline forward. To begin reading Not Even Bones, click here.

Not Even Bones

In a previous version of this post we did not credit Stephen Lamm as the writer of the series who is adapting Schaeffer’s  book. The credits have been corrected.