In Hard Lacquer by Amelia Allore, Claire Belmonte is a spy on a mission… for revenge!

Hard Lacquer cover.

Set in the gorgeously rendered Carmine City, Hard Lacquer follows Belmonte as she attempts to seek revenge upon her hot ex, Volkova, the head of the shadowy Volkova Industries, which controls the criminal underbelly of the city. However, because they invest in legitimate business interests as a façade, the general public remains ignorant of their extra-legal machinations.

The beautiful Carmine City skyline.

Assisted by her bodyguard, Robin Huong, Belmonte quickly learns that the course of true love never did run smooth… and neither, for that matter, did the course of action-packed lesbian spy drama.

Meanwhile, at the casino…

In vintage high-profile spy fashion, Belmonte maintains a double life, posing as a supermodel (and dodging interview questions about how she spends her free time). And over the course of the comic, all kinds of classic espionage action takes place, from museum heists to casino infiltrations.


Plus, as you might imagine when the protagonist maintains a job as a model, there are plenty of stylish outfits throughout the series.

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This is technically a response, Benny.

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