Edgar Allan Poe’s works are pretty infamous. Poems such as “The Raven” and his short fiction stories like “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” make him one of the forefathers of gothic horror with a touch of dark romanticism. In Nevermore, Poe’s works inspire a spooky tale of two girls navigating their untimely deaths and strange afterlives.

Created by artist Kate Flynn and writer Kit Trace (the same team that brought you the Ringo-nominated Shiloh), the webcomic centers on Lenore and Annabel Lee, two young women who wake up with only a suitcase with their names attached to them and no clue how they got there. They have no memory of their lives and soon find themselves trapped within the gates of Nevermore Academy. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Lenore and Annabel are no longer amongst the living and must regain their memories of their tragic deaths and graduate from the academy.

The tale is a clever take on the afterlife, and incorporating Poe’s works is a fun way to use his classic gothic imagery and themes. The narrative is strong on its own, however, and while Poe’s vibe surrounds the tale, the characters and their journey offer a unique, interesting story.

The art is just pretty to look at and you will find yourself looking at the gorgeous details throughout each panel. The color palette is just the right amount of moody without being overly morose, and there are hints of brightness throughout.

Nevermore updates every Friday. Head to Webtoons to begin reading.



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