One of the best ways to explain what Mr. A and Mr. B is about is to say it is a modern Odd Couple with a twist. Mr. A is your Felix Unger, straight-laced, neat, and responsible. He has a job, a fully stocked fridge, and a very tidy appearance. Mr. B is your Oscar Madison, a messy, unorganized college kid prone to drunken stupors and falling asleep where he lands. When Mr. B ends up passed out in front of Mr. A’s door, their adorable relationship begins.

Created by MIGAB, the web series plays on the concept of opposites attract. Both see something fascinating about the other, especially because they are so incredibly different. At first Mr. A is simply helping someone. While Mr. B is clearly a disastrous drunken mess, Mr. A ensures he’s okay. Mr. B is then grateful and desperately wants to repay him. What begins as friendship soon turns into something more.

The two main characters are adorable together. We hear their inner monologues, wondering how the other feels. Because they are so different, their interaction is quirky yet sweet. The best part, however, is that the comic is more about people loving people. Yes, the protagonists are two men who fall in love, but it is fairly clear that it is not about falling for another man, but falling for another person. They find a connection and gender is irrelevant.

Head over to Tapas to begin reading Mr. A and Mr. B. It’s a cute little story to warm your heart for Valentine’s Day this week.

Mr. A and Mr. B