Insider’s latest comic rendering of major world events focuses on the attempted kidnapping of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. In Make the World Glow: How Two Radicalized Men Almost Kidnapped Michigan’s Governor, writer Anthony Del Col and artist Josh Adams team up again to bring to life some of the most chaotic moments in recent history. Paul Westover assists with art, colors are by Irma Kniivila, and letters are by Taylor Esposito. Walter Hickey rounds out the team with research and editing.

The free comic centers on how the FBI infiltrated and stopped a conspiracy to nab the politician late last year. The brazen plot was concocted by Barry Croft and Adam Fox, who also had their eyes on other public figures they deemed tyrannical and blocking Americans’ constitutional rights.

The comic uses information supplied by sources close to the case as well as affidavits from FBI special agent Richard Trask. In the end, several men were indicted, but only one pleaded guilty. Despite the evidence, the others maintain their innocence.

According to the comic’s timeline, the alleged kidnappers got dangerously close to Whitmer, stalking her residences and deciding whether to take her out right then and there or to kidnap and torture her. Apparently, there were other plans to storm the Michigan capitol building as well, taking hostages before a public mass murder would take place. The dialogue between the men is unsettling as they so casually make plans to do everything from torture to burning people alive. All because they didn’t want to stay home during a global pandemic to curb a virus killing thousands. The depiction of the protestor holding a sign that reads “My constitutional rights are essential” speaks volumes to the unhinged selfishness of the entire thing.

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Make the World Glow