American CarnageOn January 6, the world watched as an angry mob of 45’s diehard acolytes stormed the Capitol in protest of Biden’s win. Claiming that the election was rigged, the rioters surrounded the building as Congress and former VP Pence attempted to verify the votes. Before long, windows were breaking, overcompensating flags were waving, and a guy dressed as a psychotic shaman stood front and center at an insurrection in Washington DC. What the actual hell?! American Carnage, a free webcomic brought to you by Insider, tracks the out-of-control event from the morning before the violence occurred to the aftereffects in the following weeks.

Written by Anthony Del Col and illustrated by Josh Adams, colors are by Dave Swartz and letters are from Taylor Esposito. Editor Walter Hickey rounds out the creative team. American Carnage is the latest in Insider’s series of comics illustrating major events, with previous installments covering the former prez and other public figures such as Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

The comic provides a concise but no less disturbing look at the insane events that unfolded that day, with sound bites from CNN, Giuliani, Trump, and Biden as well as a look at some of the violence that occurred once the walls were breached. Officers getting hurt, rioters chanting, and a mob calling for violent acts against anyone and everyone inside are just a few details highlighted.

To read American Carnage, follow the link here.

American Carnage