What could an evil Hell being and a simple human possibly have in common? Well, we’re about to find out in Webtoons’ Lovely Hell.

Created by Titasupp, the fantasy series centers on Tanz and Cain. Tanz is a powerful creature from Hell who has been banished to Earth. Cain is just a dude working as a firefighter and living his life. When a strange fire begins in the woods, Cain and his team are sent to deal with the blaze. That is where he encounters the demon chick, who is now weak but still strange and obviously not of this realm. As the story progresses, neither one can seem to leave the other behind. She starts to rely on him to navigate her new home as she tries to get back to where she thinks she belongs, but no doubt feelings will start to emerge.

The story is funny, romantic, and quirky, but it still has enough otherworldly elements to appeal to fans of supernatural horror or fantasy.

Lovely Hell just started on Webtoons, making it easy to jump in. The web series updates every Monday. Begin reading here.

Lovely Hell