In Demon for Hire by Lee M. LeBlanc (A.K.A. Mimi), a nightclub called Deamoana is filled with enigmatic bouncers and strangely illuminated hallways that lead to unknown places. Will Ezekiel Martinez survive his visit to Deamoana, or is this the last time he’ll get a night out… EVER?

Please sign on the line. In blood.

Demon for Hire follows Ezekiel “Zeek” Rico Martinez, a twenty-something who just moved to Sinary City (A.K.A. “Sin City”) after a falling out with his father. Fortunately, his younger sister, Tina, is helping him settle into his new place, and his friend, Campbell Raza, is already living there.

Early on in Demon for Hire, Campbell offers to show Zeek around, but no sooner have they stepped outside than has Zeek collided with a stranger. The enigmatic figure pushes a business card into Zeek’s hands and then vanishes, leaving Campbell to show Zeek the town.

Demon for Hire
The enigmatic stranger.

When they arrive at a nightclub, however, Zeek is nearly turned away because he can’t locate his ID. However, the business card that he received from the mysterious stranger proves effective in forcing the bouncer to let him enter. While Campbell soon introduces him to some of Deamoana’s regular patrons, Zeek soon becomes distracted when he believes he sees the strange that forced the business card upon him.

Zeek and Campbell at the nightclub.

But could the card come with strings attached? Just who was that mysterious horned stranger who slid it into Zeek’s hands in the first place? And where did Zeek leave his wallet, anyway?

Demon for Hire
Sin City in Demon for Hire.

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Demon for Hire
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