If you’re looking for laugh-out-loud humor and outstanding artistic style, the Little Tunny comics by Grace Gogarty are here to scratch that itch. From stories involving original fictional characters to comics about their misadventures while playing Pokémon GO, the world of Little Tunny is certainly worth a visit!

Little Tunny plays Pokemon GO

Many of the entries are journal comics that recount Little Tunny’s experiences in the wider world, with all of the characters depicted as different animals (Little Tunny themself is a snail). From interactions with customers while working the counter at a retail job to encounters with catcallers while out walking the dog, everything is presented from Little Tunny’s singular and frequently hilarious perspective.

Little Tunny thinks about Danny Phantom

Another topic frequently featured by the comic is the antics of Little Tunny’s pets, Soup the dog and Goop the three-legged cat. Between Soup’s “nervous baby energy” and Goop’s willingness to go to any lengths to secure an extra helping of food, both pets have personality to spare.

Little Tunny's pets vs the rubber tree

In some cases, several strips will cover a certain topic or character, as with the “Times I Made My Ex-BF Cry” series of comics depicting Little Tunny’s relationship with an ex who won’t stop crying, or the “Mole and Shrew” comics that follow a mole and shrew who are girlfriends. Even when the subject matter isn’t the sunniest, the comic’s indefatigable sense of humor and perfect comedic timing is likely to leave you with a smirk on your face.

Little Tunny: One Titty Out

In addition to sequential comics, Little Tunny also posts art pieces and completed commissions, and you’ll want to be sure and check out their social media to see everything they’ve posted (a project involving cartoon animals and strange photograph frames yields some particularly noteworthy results). You can keep up with them by following them on twitter, and be sure to visit their Ko-Fi page to directly support their work!

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