Ellie’s bills are piling up. Rent is due. Utilities bills, student loans, and everything else are past due and accumulating late fees, and the last thing she needs to hear is that the vintage shop she works for is closing, leaving her out of work when she needs those checks the most. Just when everything can’t seem to get any worse, Ellie comes face to face with a pumpkin-headed man embroiled in an intense battle with a strange beast. We are now in the universe of the Third Shift Society.

Third Shift SocietyCreated by Meredith Moriarty, the new series on Webtoons follows financially strapped Ellie and her journey from being deep in debt without many options to discovering she has crazy psychic abilities that will land her a job offer to work for Ichabod, a man with a Jack-O-Lantern where a head should be.  In a matter of minutes everything she knows and understands is turned upside down, and she learns that there is a whole world filled with supernatural creatures hiding in plain sight. There is even a pub run by a guy with horns that she never knew existed right around the corner.

The thriller gets to the action pretty quickly. With only three episodes at the time of this writing, we learn enough about Ellie’s situation to sympathize with her almost immediately. Anyone who has had trouble settling into a financially stable adulthood will relate to her struggle. She is a likable protagonist, and amidst her troubles there are moments of humor to lighten the mood. As for Ichabod, are the Sleepy Hollow references just a nod or is there a connection to that famous Halloween classic?  Hopefully we learn more about him in the next few episodes.

For those looking for a thriller mixed with a few laughs and some action (and incredibly clean art), check out Third Shift Society. Click here to begin reading.

Third Shift Society


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