We have all heard the warnings about exposing too much about ourselves on social media platforms. Don’t reveal too many personal details like your name and address. Don’t use check-ins because criminals will use them to find you or they’ll rob your home while you are taking photos of your lunch at your favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, with “influencer” now an actual profession, posting everything at every moment is normal and expected. For Remi Do in #Killstagram, it’s also deadly.

Created by Ryoung, the web series centers on popular, pretty, and completely self-absorbed Remi Do. She has it all. A great job and a successful career as an Instagram influencer, complete with millions of followers and brand sponsorships. Her selfies gain attention in seconds and her followers aspire to be just like her, eating at the same posh restaurants and always looking perfect no matter what. The attention, of course, has gone to her head. Remi enjoys her celebrity status and mistakenly thinks that the adoration she receives all day long makes her untouchable.  Despite warnings to not post so much about herself because you never know who is watching, she opens herself up to a social media serial killer who has been knocking off influencers and now has Remi in his sights.

The thriller comic can be taken as your typical serial killer/stalker story, complete with disturbing slasher-film level gore, but it is also a cautionary tale. Do you really know who is following you on platforms like Twitter and Instagram? Even if you check out their profile, how do you know that photo is actually them? The scary thing is you really don’t know, taking Stranger Danger to a whole new level.

#Killstagram currently has a prologue and three episodes on Webtoons. It is set to update every Saturday. Catch up on the thriller series this week.

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