While most of the names mentioned a Persons of the Year in our survey were familiar, one was a bit less known: animator/cartoonist Julian Glander, whose unmistakable puffy, cotton candy landscapes and characters have been seen on Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, Disney LOL, The Amazing World of Gumball and everywhere elses.


It seems 2019 will indeed be a banner year for Glander though. He has a game called Art Sqool launching on Steam on February 5th. And in April, 3D Sweeties, a collection of his comics is coming from Fantagraphics.

While Glanders animated gifs and animation come alive on the web, his comics, mostly published at VICE, are equally mesmerizing.


In Suaan Something, a video game addict deala with life and her teapot headed roommate.


In Purple Slime Molds, a bunch of blobby molds also deal with their society.

As with many digitally constructed comics, despite the bright colors and whimsical shapes, there’s a distant sadness underlying much of Glander’s work, a kind of petri dish horizon line that is never reached – as in the strip where Susan revisits her Megapets after 17 years.. Glander’s digital world is hardly sterile, but it seems to be a parallel line to a different world of more interaction and needed introspection.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s also funny and sharp social satire. If you like Nancy you’ll like Susan Something.

You can see more example of Glander’s work below. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of 3D Sweeties!


The Different Shapes There Are, another comic.

Animation and gif art:







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