You’ve heard the tales of gods and monsters, shaping the world and influencing humanity positively and negatively along the way. What if those gods are actually real and not some story to explain the unknown? In Inarime, the ancient gods of myth are starting to reveal themselves on earth and what their plan for human beings might be.

Written and inked by Maria Riccio, the web series features pencils by Tommaso Bennato. Colors are by Diana Mercolini. The art is gorgeous to look at as the narrative moves back and forth between the world we know and the world of mythological creatures and gods come to life. The action sequences are fluid and exciting while the more intimate panels clearly display the emotions of each character, including fear, anger, confusion, and every other feeling that comes with discovering you are connected to stories you thought were completely made up.

The biggest hurdle at the beginning of the series is the English translation. It is fairly obvious that the creative team does not speak English as their first language (and they apologize for any fumbles in the comments of early installments). But if you wade through some awkward phrasing here and there, the story is interesting and action-packed, making it easy to get absorbed in the plot.

Inarime is available to read for free on Webtoons. Click here to start reading the entire, completed series.