Dylan is a lonely, angry teenager. He feels ignored at home and doesn’t have many friends at school. And then there’s his twin brother Jeremy. According to Dylan, Jeremy can do no wrong. He’s the favored son, and Dylan is always cleaning up his mess. And that’s why he kills him one night. But nothing in this town seems to stay dead. That’s the world of Raining Knives by Moth.

The webcomic is a modern day Cain and Abel with a few twists and turns that keep you engaged and curious. Is Dylan really haunted by the dead or is his guilt making him see things? But the weirdness extends beyond his sins as more mysteries—and ghosts—come to light. Is it all part of a mental breakdown or is this town really a hub for the supernatural? And who is the mysterious entity whispering in Dylan’s ear?

Raining Knives is appealing on a few levels. First, fans of horror and mystery can get into the plot. Even though you see Dylan slam his brother’s head with a cinder block early on, there is enough going on after the crime to keep you engaged. The real mystery begins when Dylan sees Jeremy for the first time after the funeral and the fear that his crime will catch up with him takes over.

The art is clean, and each episode flows easily as the mystery unravels. And even though Dylan is a broken person and a murderer, there are moments when you feel for the kid. It doesn’t excuse his rage or his transgressions, but it does give you a complicated main character to follow to the end.

If you are looking for a good mystery, Raining Knives is a great pick. To begin reading head over to Tapas.

Raining Knives

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