Sometimes you read a true story and you realize that your issues pale in comparison. Not to trivialize problems; everything is relative. But when you come upon a comic like I Escaped a Chinese Internment Camp on Insider, a lot gets put into perspective.

Written by Anthony Del Col based on an interview he did with Zumrat Dawut, the harrowing story is a first-person account of what the mother of three went through in the Xinjiang province of China. Dawut was detained and imprisoned for simply being Muslim, enduring monitoring from the Chinese authorities, torture, interrogations, propaganda, anti-Muslim actions, and even sterilization before eventually getting out and escaping to America to begin a new life with her family.

Art for the unsettling true story is from Fahmida Azim, with art direction by Josh Adams. Walter Hickey serves as editor, and Rebecca Good (colors) and Taylor Esposito (letters) round out the creative team.

The story mixes interviews as well as testimony Dawut gave to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Reading the comic reveals that so many other women were thrown into such horrid conditions, humiliated, beaten, and more simply for their beliefs. 

To read I Escaped a Chinese Internment Camp, follow the link here.

I escaped a chinese internment camp