Alex De Campi was fooling around on twitter  saying that all she wanted was a comic about Frank Castle and Bucky sitting on the sofa talking about bad action movies. While they cleaned their guns.

Jim Acosta volunteered to draw it.

And thus was born Hell’s Kitchen Movie Club. Sadly there has been only one episode thus far, and the promised “Hell Comes to Frogtown” episode has not appeared yet, but we’ll be anxious waiting every day until it does.

De Campi is right about Marvel needing this kind of thing.  It’s a great, fresh take on the Marvel U.  Marvel used to do funny self-aware comics – it’s a Bullpen tradition. More like this, please!



  1. Hi Heidi! Thanks for this — subedit note: my artist / collaborator is Dave Acosta (aka @davedrawsgood), not Jim

    We’re planning to do one strip every month, as we both have a lot of Actual Commitments and also Dave is moving house this week! But fret not, there are nine episodes written and we’ll be starting on #2 as soon as practicable (Dave first has to find what box he packed the cintiq in…)

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