Hannah Blumenreich is best known for her blockbuster Spidey zine which tore up the internets and subsequently got her an actual paying gig at Marvel. I met her briefly at TCAF and I can safely say you will be hearing a lot more about her. She’s a pistol.

She has a mini zine of her journal comics for sale but a shortage of Canadian AND US money made it unfeasible to purchase. However you can see some of the comics online. 

Or read the Spidey zine here. It’s a classic. Poke around her site for more fun stuff. And remember the name.





  1. Hannah’s work is like a breath of fresh air! Free and open layouts, expressive character poses and great kinetic direction, wow!

  2. Hannah’s work may be “expressive” but all it expresses ins contempt for proper drawing and established characters. She doesn’t “get” Peter. Peter is not some smart-ass tween–with freckles.

    She’s a terrible artist who only got the spotlight because of an ongoing social justice narrative that is assaulting the medium right now that says representation is more important than artistic skills.

    ” Free and open layouts, expressive character poses and great kinetic direction, wow!”
    This used to be the standard in the medium until low pay drove all the good artists out within the last 30 years.

    The sample of her personal, (non-fanfic) work appears to be better but it still seems like student work to me, mostly, because the backgrounds still incredibly lazy. I would have never known the main character was in a vinyl record store without good deduction skills because those vinyl records are too small and have no cover art.

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