The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux is a classic piece of literature that has been turned into movies, Broadway musicals, and more. It is the tale of the mysterious entity that haunts the Paris Opera House and the singer he obsesses over. In Ghost on the Roof, the webcomic refreshes the story for a modern audience. 

Created by Klaus Scrimshaw on Webtoons, the story takes place in modern-day Paris. Christine Daaé, a young aspiring opera singer, has her dreams shattered by a traumatic incident during an audition one year prior. She’s essentially given up on singing and instead takes an internship in the costume department at the Paris Opera House. Her incident is infamous, and when she tries to escape the gossip among the performers, she finds herself on the roof of the venue. Here a mysterious voice offers her the chance to get her life back and rekindle her dreams of being a celebrated vocalist. 

The art has a fluidity to it, and the earthy color palette adds to the natural flow of the panels. Christine is a ball of anxiety and fear, but as she gets more enthralled by the phantom hiding in the shadows, you feel her turmoil and desire to get past the issues holding her back. 

Ghost on the Roof updates every Friday. Catch up on the first seven episodes here

Ghost on the Roof