When your name is Ghost and you can talk to ghosts, what are you to do other than help your local police solve supernatural crimes? In Peter James Maggs‘ ongoing webcomic The Many Strange Cases of Ghost Jones, the eponymous Phantom Investigator has solved several mysteries, and more just keep cropping up.

Here’s the full synopsis:

This all ages adventure takes place in the small town of Gloomshire, where they are home to some bizarre crimes. Ghost Jones is a Phantom Investigator and must assist Gloomshire’s police in solving the many strange cases that fall onto the desk of his partner, Detective Amelia Lucas.

As you might expect, Detective Amelia Lucas is no-nonsense and believes in solving crimes the old-fashioned way — but she at least believes in ghosts, which is a step above most skeptics in this particular genre of buddy comedy.

The Many Strange Cases of Ghost Jones: The Phantom Fashionista
From “The Phantom Fashionista”

The Many Strange Cases of Ghost Jones is laugh-out-loud funny and features jokes that appeal to all kinds of humor; in addition to sarcastic, dry dialogue and some truly unexpected means of solving supernatural cases, Maggs also illustrates unexpected moments that not only bring life to the Ghost’s world, but elicit some a chuckle from the reader.

Each case is episodic in nature, so it’s possible to pick up this comic wherever you like — but there are through-lines worth following, including the introduction of Ghost’s new sidekick, Bog, who makes his first appearance in “The Muddy Mishap” and then becomes one of the most adorable, hilarious creatures in the entire story.

From “The Muddy Mishap”

Ghost Jones updates weekly on Webtoon, Tapas, and ghostjones.com. You can also check out Peter James Maggs’ other work at buy physical copies, or follow him on Twitter or Instagram. In addition, you can buy physical copies of Ghost Jones for ~$6 each.

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