In Chosen by Cushfuddled, a mysterious illness has been plaguing the girls of Eliza Honeycutt’s town. With no explanation, fourteen cases of otherwise healthy girls falling into an inexplicable coma have taken place.

Eliza’s sister, Maddie, is the most recent person to fall into the mysterious comatose state. Eliza is distraught, and while she isn’t sure whether or not Maddie is able to hear anything while in the coma, Eliza nevertheless decides to read to her from her favorite fantasy series – no matter how cliché that series might prove to be (which is fortunate, because it turns out the series is just about as cliché as you can get).

Unfortunately, when Eliza goes to the library to get the next volume in the series, she discovers that the author died before writing the final book, leaving the story on an uncompleted cliffhanger.

Eliza is frustrated with the discovery, but as she begins ranting about the situation in her unconscious sister’s hospital room, there is a ripping sound, and Eliza finds herself tumbling through some kind of portal! When she lands, she’s in Cornelia, where she meets Glen, the wizard and ruler who summoned her.

Glen explains that they summoned Eliza because of a prophecy delivered by the “creator” that predicted a young girl from the faraway land of Oklahoma would arrive in their world to slay a dragon. While prophecies can be exceptionally tricky, Glen is unwilling to listen to Eliza’s protests, and they insist that she complete the mission set for her by destiny.

With beautiful artwork featuring colored pencil colors, Chosen is worth investigating. Chosen currently has three chapters available on Webtoon Canvas, so now is the perfect time to catch up with the new series.

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