In the beautifully illustrated Castle Swimmer, the Webtoon series by Wendy Lian Martin, readers are afforded a glimpse into a breathtaking oceanic world where destinies are doled out by the Beacon – whether he wants to participate or not!

In the first chapter of Castle Swimmer, we learn that the God of the Surface has assigned Beacon the role of being a light that shines for others. The various underwater kingdoms each have their own prophecies, and all of them involve the golden-scaled Beacon.

What happens if Beacon doesn’t want to fulfill the prophecy? He doesn’t have much choice in the matter: a magical line appears and literally drags him to the site where the prophecy will occur, whether he wants to be there or not.

A dark prophecy in Castle Swimmer.

After twenty years of being dragged from one prophecy to the next, the Beacon is summoned to a kingdom of sharks with a very dark prediction: only by spilling the Beacon’s blood will the curse that has been placed on their people be lifted.

According to the prophecy, Siren, the prince of the kingdom, is the one who is destined to slay the Beacon. But when Siren arrives at the prison cell where the Beacon is being held, he discovers that the Beacon isn’t at all what he’s been expecting.

Siren can’t kill Beacon in Castle Swimmer.

While Siren’s moral quandary over killing Beacon likely would have been enough to complicate the situation to begin with, things become even more complex when Siren can’t help but fall for Beacon. Can the two starfish-crossed lovers navigate the situation and come out unscathed and together?

Beacon is relieved in Castle Swimmer.

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