Another source of free comics! The interface is perhaps not the smoothest but you can read just about every daily newspaper comic strip online every day for free. King Features comics are available at their portal, Comics Kingdom. And perhaps king of that kingdom is Mark Trail, forest ranger. A sort of nature detective, pancake shaman, stiff upper lipped icon, Mark Trail’s adventure has been running in newspapers since 1946 – over 70 years.

Mixing melodrama, a bit of adventure and lots of animal facts, it’s easy to see why this strip has appealed to readers for many years. In recent times, it made headlines for the retirement of Jack Elrod, who drew the strip well into his 80s.  The strip is currently drawn by James Allen.

In the decline of  the newspaper strip, they’ve often become a symbol of kitsch and Mark Trail, with its long  history and often, um, deadpan delivery, is a popular topic. Comics Curmudgeon has a regular column analyzing its storylines.