In Howling Woods by KIZ, the town of Howling Woods, Montana appears to be a sleepy, small town… but visitor beware: the majority of the population are werewolves, and the rest are other supernatural creatures!

Hollow Woods
High school can be dangerous.

The action begins at a high school (albeit one that has notices posted on the walls warning that there is not to be any biting or clawing). Naturally, everyone is abuzz with the impending prom, as well as the associated date arrangements and preparations for the royal vote.


Soon, we discover that Caleb Dawkins, has a crush on his friend, Julian Smith. While Caleb manages to catch up with Julian on his walk home, will he be able to muster the courage to do so? You’ll have to read to find out!

Hollow Woods
Some of the main characters of Hollow Woods.

In addition to a charming cast that features plenty of queer characters, Howling Woods has lovely art and a 1990s setting that is heavily influenced by music (providing the crew can survive high school, they’ll be heading to a Rage concert in New York City over the summer).

A Rage show is worth the trip to New York City!

If you’ve prefer, you can also read Howling Woods on Webtoon.

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Hollow Woods
Enigmatic figures in Hollow Woods.

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