Young Evelyne is obsessed with the supernatural. After experiencing a strange event as a child, she has spent her daily life looking for ways to draw out ghosts and anything spooky, but despite her efforts, nothing seems to hit. Now, though, she might be onto something… 

In Evelyne and the Occult, the titular character is determined to prove there is something beyond what we know in our world. She isn’t afraid to test the spooky waters and tempt whatever might be lurking in the shadows to come out to play with her. Evelyne even gets her friends involved, whether they really want to be or not. 

The web series on Webtoons is from InksOwl Comics. Colors are from Cristian Yepes and background art is from Juliana Reyes and Eilseldraws.

The comic is a mix of genres (supernatural and comedy) and is a perfect tale to ring in the Halloween season a little early. Evelyne is adorable and her wild attempts to contact the world beyond are endearing. As a nice contrast, the images of what she’s conjuring are pretty freaky (very much like the first time you saw that girl climbing out of that well back in the day).

Evelyne and the Occult updates every Sunday. Begin reading free episodes of the series here!

Evelyne and the Occult


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