Escape rooms have become a popular activity. Friends and family volunteer to be locked inside a room together and must rely on their puzzle skills, cleverness, and ability to work with each other to get out (the real challenge is not strangling your annoying sibling or your always-wrong friend for screwing up the entire game for everyone). In Escape Room on Webtoons, however, the game is much deadlier.

The comic by 10Park is very much in line with the Saw brand of horror. People unwittingly become participants in a sadistic game run by an unseen maniac. Sorting through the clues left behind and figuring out the puzzles will (you hope) lead to your freedom.

The unfortunate player in the deadly escape room is Sean Baek. From the beginning the audience learns that he is not a popular guy, and you wonder who he has pissed off enough to get himself trapped in the sadistic puzzle. He is clever, though, and seems to figure out each step pretty well. His calm is also impressive despite the unsettling encounters he has throughout.

Because of the way the pages flow, tension builds pretty well with each episode, which makes the jump scares that much more effective. The dark tones have splashes of bright red to highlight some of the gorier (and more jarring) images. There are also panels that actually diagram the puzzle out once Sean solves it, even showing how to get past whatever frightening obstacle is in the way.

Horror fans should check out Escape Room. To begin reading, head to Webtoons.

Escape Room


  1. If you have ever been to an escape room then this game would be better for you. You can imagine the pressure of being in a real escape room while playing this game.

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