It is not easy being royalty. It is certainly not easy when you are expected to quest to save a princess in order to save the kingdom. Such is life for Charlie in Side Quested. 

Created by AlePresser and K.B. Spangler, the Tapas comedy/fantasy series centers on Charlie, a young woman who just wants to read her books and live her life in peace. After learning she’s royalty and getting mixed up with a prince and his super cute adorable fiancee, Charlie must now save the princess on a quest that she continually reminds everyone is not hers.  

While Charlie is a likable (but grumpy) reluctant hero, the cast of characters around her is hilarious, beginning with the brutally honest talking vulture Peony she meets early on who also seems to know the princess. 

The episodes in Side Quested are short, making it easy to catch up on the epic. Begin reading here

Side Quested