Lovespells by Ryan and Sage is a story about a sweet romance between a mage and knight set in a fantasy world.

The world of Lovespells is inspired by JRPGs, so casting spells is centered around expending mana in order to produce magic. While the reasonable expenditure of mana is one thing, Esther Nocture the mage has to deal with a complication: as the result of a spell cast on her when she was younger, her mana gauge drops exceptionally quickly, causing her to lose consciousness at the most inopportune times.

The story begins when Ester becomes involved in a boss fight that it a little above her skill level. Fortunately, lesbian lady knight Maria Haas appears to save the day, rescuing Esther from the threat just before the mage passes out.

Impressive spellcasting in Lovespells.

When Esther awakes, she finds herself in the infirmary of Queen Adelaide’s Knight’s Hall, where Maria took her after she collapsed. While Esther may not have any lasting injuries from the encounter, she quickly develops a serious crush on the knight who rescued her!

Soon, Esther is unable to get Maria out of her mind. When Esther runs into Maria a second time, however, the knight asks Esther if she’d be willing to help hone her magical spell casting abilities.

Getting to know each other’s magic in Lovespells.

Never fear, lovelorn comics fans! While the romance may be slow-burning, the webcomic’s “About” page assures readers that the story will ultimately lead to a happy ending for all involved, and the comic comes with a self-administered “PG-13” rating, for those who may be concerned about the content of the webcomic.

Some romances are more difficult than others…

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