The zombie apocalypse plot is not new. Once George A. Romero introduced his iconic shambling undead in Night of the Living Dead, the idea of the dead rising to feast on the living has become a staple of the horror genre. That is why Boyfriend of the Dead is so much fun. It honors the “Of the Dead” origins laid out by Romero and others after him, but it offers something a little different in the middle of it all—love!

Created by Ushio, the story follows a zombie-killing protagonist as she slices and dices the zombie hordes that infest the world. She has embraced the tried and true technique of headshots to stop the undead in their tracks as she searches for food and a safe place to live when the world has gone to Hell. Finding a boyfriend in this mess is the last thing on her mind, especially finding love with a zombie who seems to have adjusted pretty well to his new “life” as a reanimated, flesh-eating corpse.

The quirky comedy/horror story is a lighthearted read, and the more than two hundred episodes give you plenty to dive into. The series updates every Tuesday and Friday for even more zombie-loving fun. Head over to Webtoons to begin reading.

Boyfriend of the Dead