On Ness Ilene Garza’s badhandscomics Instagram, they regularly share sublime and insightful memoir comics.

With plenty of wit, a unique perspective, and many comics already posted and waiting for you to read them, badhandscomics is well a look.

Fonzi and more

Fonzi, sit!

Many of the comics feature Fonzi, a canine who will quickly win over your heart (not to mention the hearts of any strangers with whom he comes into contact).

In addition to comics about Fonzi, there are also regular photographs posted of the beautiful dog on the badhandscomics instagram (as if you needed another reason to follow).


There are also more serious comics, which afford an opportunity for the exploration of meaningful subject matter mediated through Garza’s comic avatar.

In addition to more “grounded” memoir comics, there are also examples of more conceptually abstract visual narratives, as well.

And while many of the comics are presented in black and white, there are also instances where color is introduced, to very striking effect.

Without a doubt, badhandscomics is the work of an exceptionally talented cartoonist, with a keen sense of observation and a singular, incisive perspective.

Support badhandscomics

You can support badhandscomics directly by donating to the Patreon page, which has $1 and $3 tiers and will grant you access to additional comics.

Eat them chippies!

You can also support badhandscomics by purchasing one of the ‘zines available through their shop at the Keep it Weird Collective.

And if you’re interested in seeing more of Garza’s work, additional examples can be found on their website.

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