Entering adulthood is complicated and daunting, and for four best friends in Tapas’ Animalheads, desperation leads to a life of crime they were not intending to have. 

Family pressure and no prospects after graduation will lead you to take on any gig for a little cash, but the group’s creativity puts them in bed with a seedy organization and a prime spot in the area’s criminal underworld. Not what any of them planned, for sure, but they have to survive, right?

Written by Son M.  and illustrated by Sam C. (collectively known as SCSM Comic), the webcomic offers an exciting, complicated look at how easily people can turn to unsavory acts when necessity is overwhelming. Part of the issue is family expectations while hopes and dreams (or a lack thereof) make up the other half. Much is revealed in flashback as the group chats after their college graduation ceremony, and it is here they voice just how unhappy and unsure they really are about their futures. It’s easy to spiral, and no matter your family, upbringing, and background, you can get sucked in and stuck in activities you’d never picture yourself doing.

Animalheads updates every Friday and free episodes unlock every 24 hours (excludes the latest episode). Beginning reading the series here.