In Lady Knight by Lion Illustration, Aurora Del Valle is just one person – what can she hope to do in the face of the Inquisition? It turns out, quite a lot!

Lady Knight

The story begins with a myth about children who disappeared during the summer solstice ten years earlier… but there may be more truth to the stories that you would at first believe. According to the legend, the children who disappeared were given unique curses that would prepare them to become the King’s Knights… and the Mother Superior soon reveals that Aurora is one of them!

Soon, Aurora has signed her name in the Book of the Damned and been enrolled as a student in the Royal Academy of Cavalry and Forbidden Arts… but some of the men openly express their distaste at the idea that a woman could possibly be their equal. It seems clear that Aurora will be facing an uphill battle!

This ongoing webcomic features fantastic art, with incredibly expressive characters and breathtaking medieval settings. In addition to the 22 episodes that are currently available, the Webtoon series updates on Wednesdays.

Available to read now on Webtoon

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