There’s a reason why I chose Carta Monir as the cartoonist of 2017. She’s an incredibly talented artist and is capable of illustrating deeply personal story. There’s always this sort of bittersweet quality to her work that I find appealing. There’s this palpable trauma and sadness underlying her work, just as there’s this sort of hopefulness, that there is something good when you’ve gone through adversity.

Her latest comic for The Nib, Passing, takes a look at her experience with the concept of “Passing”, how a person has the ability to be regarded as a member of an identity group or category different from their own. In her case, it refers to gender and disability. Her handicap might not be apparent visibly but is still quite potent and affects her life in the same way that a more visible disability would. It’s quite engaging

You can read her entire short comic over at The Nib. You can also go and find more comics over at Carta’s website as well.

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