Speaking of Spider-Man, a long time ago, an internet-driven write-in campaign to get Community star Donald Glover to player Spider-Man began. The campaign led to a scene in Community where Glover wore Spider-Man pajamas, and later a more substantive role as the voice of Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man, on the animated Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD.

And now, he’s actually been casrt in the upcoming Spider-Man movie! Although horribly named, Spider-Man: Homecoming sounds promising: it stars Tom Holland fresh from Civil War, and features a younger, teen Spider-man with Marisa Tomei as sexy Aunt May, Zendaya as the female lead, Michael Keaton as a villain (VULTURE VULTURE!)…and now Glover in an unknown role. Robert Downey Jr. will also drop in as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Jon Watts directs and filming is slated to get underway at the end of the month.

So who do you think Glover will play? Despite his youthful demeanor, at age 32 he’s a bit old to be a friend for teen Peter Parker, unless we’re going the route of Rizzo in Grease. Could work.



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