Image Comics’s Syzygy Publishing imprint is bringing a new horror series about mental health to readers. A Haunted Girl comes from the creative team of writers Ethan Sacks and his daughter, Naomi Sacks, and artist Marco Lorenzana. The series follows a teenager who starts experiencing otherworldly events following a hospitalization for depression.

Here’s how Image describes A Haunted Girl:

Cleo, a 16-year-old adopted Japanese-American whose anxiety and depression drives her to suicidal thoughts, is fresh out of the hospital and trying unsuccessfully to reintegrate back into her old life. What she doesn’t know is that her real struggles are just beginning as she finds herself encountering an increasingly terrifying succession of ghosts. Is she losing her grip on reality… or is the explanation much, much worse?

First teased at WonderCon earlier this year, A Haunted Girl is the first teaming for writer Ethan Sacks and artist Marco Lorenzana, and the first work for either creator from Image Comics. It’s the first comics work overall for Naomi Sacks. The series is also the latest from Image’s Syzygy Publishing imprint. The Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood-curated imprint launched in 2021, and has previously released titles including All Against All and Hitomi.

In a statement, both Ethan and Naomi Sacks described how the series came together, and how it reflects their own personal mental health struggles:

“Four years ago, while my daughter was hospitalized, I came up with the idea of a story about a girl who’s battling depression and finds out she’s the sole hope to save the world,” said Ethan Sacks. “That she would find a way to endure and to save everyone she loves. It was meant to be uplifting and cathartic. Now four years later, my daughter is in a place where she could help write that story. To inspire others going through similar struggles. As a father, I’m proud.  As a comic book writer, I’m inspired. As a human being, I’m moved.”

“I’ve always loved writing. And with A HAUNTED GIRL there was a chance for me to work on a story that is very personal,” said Naomi Sacks. “Cleo, the main character, goes through a lot of the same struggles that I did and feels hopeless at many times as I did. But that she perseveres is inspirational to me, too. “

Along with the main cover by Joe Quesada and Richard Isanove seen above, A Haunted Girl #1 will sport variant covers by Fico Ossio and Ryusei Yamada, as well as a black-and-white version of the Quesada cover.

Look for A Haunted Girl #1 to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, October 11th.