For some magical reason, podcasts have become some of the most sought-after entertainment of the times. Maybe it’s the ability to listen along while you multitask; maybe it’s the relaxation that comes from listening to others talk; or maybe it’s just fun to know that other people are just as weirdly obsessed with the same things you are. Regardless of the reason, there is no denying that finding a good podcast is invaluable.

I think is this even mores with comic nerds because… well, sometimes it’s just nice to hear someone else’s take on the things we love. If you love comics, then chances are you love talking about comics and if you love talking abut comics, big chance bet that you love hearing others talk about comics, too. So from news to reviews, rambling to deep analysis, here is a list of some of the great comic book podcasts to soothe the auditory nerd in you.

Comic book podcasts - The Arkham Sessions1. The Arkham Sessions

Running for almost five years thus far, The Arkham Sessions with Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward goes through each episode of the Batman: The Animated Series; observing, analyzing and clinically dissecting the characters featured in the show. They occasionally do some of the other popular animated series as well such as the 1990s X-Men animated series as well as Superman.

Each episode of the podcast runs between an hour and 90 minutes and is packed with amazing insight into the mental health and situational actions of each character from the perspective of a mental health professional. Not only that, they play audio clips of the show to back up what they’re talking about! Dr. Letamendi and Ward do a great job of keeping the tone light yet professional while making sure the entire episode is engaging and makes you say, “huh. Who knew?” If you’re into deep-dives into the minds of your favorite characters or just want to confirm your weird theories about Bruce, this is going to be the podcast for you.

You can stream episodes on their website, or find them on Twitter @ArkhamSessions.

House to Astonish2. House to Astonish

Do you ever just sit there thinking “Man, I would really like to hear two Scottish guys talk about all the stuff happening in comics?” Then you’ve hit a very niche jackpot! House to Astonish is a lively podcast that features hosts Paul O’Brien and Al Kennedy talking through the A-Z of everything worth mentioning in comics releases and news. And aside from news, O’Brien and Kennedy also tackle plenty of reviews of what they’ve been reading in a way that is both brutally honest and completely hysterical.

New episodes go up every other week and last approximately 90 minutes, so there’s no need to worry about playing catch-up; but if you do, the laughs and poignant insight are well worth it.

You can stream episodes on their website.

Comic book podcasts - The Young Ones3. The Young Ones

An entirely bombastic discussion of teen superheroes and comics that is as informative and energetic as is it empathetic. Hosts Charlie Davis, Reed Puc, and Mikey Zee have a clear and knowledgable banter that make comfortable listening for folks new to comics and longtime fans alike. Because a lot of focus is on teen heroes, X-Men, Champions, and similar titles are common topics; and if you’re a fan of the books but the topics are a little too much, the host team is kind enough to put trigger warnings just in case.

New episodes air every Friday and often have guests that are fellow comic critics and friends of the podcast. For fans of teen supes, teen tropes, and some good laughs, you’ll find your home among these hosts.

You can stream episodes on their website, or find them on Twitter @youngonescast.

Disclaimer: Charlie Davis and Reed Puc are both occasional contributors to The Beat.

Wait, What?4. Wait, What?

For almost ten years, Graeme McMillan and Jeff Lester have been releasing an episode of Wait, What? every Monday. If you’re curious about what has kept the duo going so long, I’d have to guess the shared love for bizarre pop-culture commentary and unusually deep cuts into DC and Marvel obscurity. Along with regular reviews of comics, movies, and whatever else happens to come up, McMillan and Lester also have a special monthly episode based around commentary of a specific series. Having worked though their massive four-year-long endeavor, “The Baxter Building” exploring Marvel’s Fantastic Four in chronological order, they’re now onto working through Judge Dredd Case Files in a segment newly named “Drokk!”

Whether you just want some ribbing on whatever current pop culture phenomenon is happening or you’re a massive Judge Dredd fan, this podcast will give you what you need.

You can stream episodes on their website, or find them on Twitter @WaitWhatPodcast.

Comic book podcasts - Comic Book Couples Counseling5. Comic Book Couples Counseling

I’ll be honest— this podcast caught my eye because it is downright adorable. Hosts and a “comic couple” themselves Lisa Gullickson and Brad Gullickson swan dive into the ins-and-outs of the relationships of everybody’s favorite comic book and various pop culture couples throughout history. From Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker to Lois and Clark to Thanos and the Mistress of Death, the sky’s the limit for who’s romantic entanglement gets picked apart. But don’t worry if you aren’t on the up-and-up on any of these relationships! Lisa and Brad do a great job of explaining the origins and histories of the couples alongside their in-depth (and often very funny) analysis.

Each episode runs for about 90 minutes and is sure to keep you engaged (wocka wocka!) Whether you listen singly or with a partner, CBCC is a guaranteed good time if you’re into the love life of supes.

You can stream episodes here, or find them on Twitter @CBCCPodcast.

Comic book podcasts - Creator At Large6. Creator At Large

This podcast caught my eye because it’s something entirely different from the usual discussion of comics news or new issues. Creator At Large focuses mainly on the heart of the comic book industry, and with host Jeremy Melloul, listeners who are trying to break into such a strange and tough industry will learn how to find their feet. But it’s not just Melloul; every week of the show features a guest from within the comics industry! With comic journalists, critics, creators, and executives there to talk shop, tell their stories, and offer advice, each episode is a diverse learning experience.

For podcast fanatics who are trying to break into being a part of the comics world from the inside, Creator at Large is a wealth of knowledge from how to “break in” and how to utilize business strategies, to marketing comics and staying informed on whats happening.

You can stream episodes on their website.

2000AD Thrill-Cast7. 2000AD Thrill-Cast

Broadcast from “the Nerve Centre of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic”, the 2000AD Thrillcast is going to be your destination for all things 2000AD and British comics. Hosted by publicity droid Molch-R (Michael Molcher), the cast is all about laying down the latest 2000AD news, releases, and overall discussion of everything 2000AD has to offer. (They also record a lot of their panels from conventions and play them as episodes if you missed that one con you really wanted to go to!) Molcher is a fantastic host and brings a dry sense of humor and a deep passion for the company. There’s often a comics guest from the British comics community of the episodes and it ends up being a laugh riot while still providing a lot of great insight into the upcoming fun drokk 2000AD readers can look forward to.

If you’re a Judge Dredd fan, love old horror comics, or just really want to know what Al Ewing thinks of things, it’s time to send your ears on a trip across the pond every other week.

You can stream episodes on their website.

Comic book podcasts - Casual Wednesdays8. Doom Rocket’s Casual Wednesdays

Who doesn’t like a straight forward discussion of comics news and New Comic Book Day material? If that’s something that you dig, then Doom Rocket’s Casual Wednesdays is going to be your jam. Hosts Molly Jane Kremer and Jarrod Jones use every week to discuss how comics news affects its fans and the comics that they love. There’s also a lot of discussion about what book that came out that Wednesday and how Kremer and Jones feel about them, as well as tons of great comic creator guests.The tone is lighthearted and informative and it’s clear that both hosts are just happy to be talking about what they love (and sometimes what they find super weird).

New episodes go up weekly and last for approximately an hour. And because it’s a new recap of the weeks happenings, there’s no need to worry about just jumping in as a listener!

You can stream episodes on their website or find them on Twitter @doomrocket_.

Watchmen Podcast9. Watchmen Podcast

The addition of this one to the list was one that I was on the fence about—yet here it is! Though this podcast hasn’t properly begun yet, hosts Carolyn Poddig, Wendy Ryan, Vanessa Young, and Toni S. have set up a very promising premise for the future. Though Watchmen as a comic series has been wildly popular over the last three decades, the criticism has often been skewed and less than diverse. Of course, with the Watchmen TV show coming this fall to HBO and tackling new topics that weren’t covered in the comics, the hosts of this podcast are here and very ready to pick it apart as it goes with a keen eye and high praise.

While an official episode one has yet to air, episode 0 is available and sets a great stage for what is to come as each host explains their experience with the Watchmen comics. (There will also be episodes talking Watchmen history as a lead up to the show’s premier!) If you are a little tired of the same white dudes explaining the meaning of Watchmen and are hoping to see some different criticism come with the new show, this podcast is one to look out for.

You can stream episodes here or find them on Twitter @WatchmenTalk.


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