Based on what we know of publishing data, August 8th, 1961 was the day FANTASTIC FOUR #1 arrived on newsstands. Tom Brevoort sent out a birthday tweet. Although there’s talk of boycotts and justified anger over Marvel’s shoddy treatment of some of its greatest talent over the years, we should still mark this day. Pairing the protean storytelling of Ditko and Kirby with the breezy populism of Stan Lee created some of the greatest adventure comics that have ever been, and we suspect they’ll be read for another 50 years.


  1. Has it really been 50 years already? Someone checked the math and showed their work on this? Are we sure what with all the renumbering and resets is their still truly a Marvel Age (I thought that was canceled in the 1990’s ;) ). Either way Happy 50th Marvel and may all your people understand truly what Make Mine Marvel really means.

  2. According to the template I generated for August 1961 (on, the first issue of FANTASTIC FOUR arrived at newsstands on a Tuesday. Does this sound accurate? Or might this be when the copies left the printing plant on trucks bound for their newsstand destiations?