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I can’t actually vouch for the contents of this humorous book from the fine folks at The Devastator…but the cover is certainly seasonal.

Oh, The Flesh You’ll Eat is a short comical book from writer Mike Levine, a contributor to The Onion, Heeb, The Devastator and McSweeney’s; and illustrator Jacob Vollum. It’s the same team that brought you “Teenomorph,” in the new The Devastator: Space Epic.

As for this story:

Children around the world vomit for joy reading the rhymes of Dr. Vireuss. Three of his “sickest” stories finally have been collected into one germ-ridden volume. There’s the tale of a man who would not — could not! — let a doctor save his life (“Green Eggzema”), a sick boy who puts healthy people into quarantine (“If I Ran the Quarantine”), and a little flesh-eating bacteria who goes on a big adventure (the titular “Oh, the Flesh You Will Eat!”). This collection of Dr. Seuss spoofs is highly infectious.
Oh, the Flesh You Will Eat! was originally published in The Devastator’s comedy anthology series (The Devastator: Apocalypse). The comic was so popular with readers, the publisher decided to spin off the story into its first ever hardcover release, and expand the bizarre world of Dr. Vireuss, just in time for Halloween.

The book will be available on October 28th, in both print and digital editions.