Kyle Baker is well into the spirit of the season with Lester Fenton And The Walking Dead, a standalone graphic novel with a timeless tale of terror:

On the verge of a prom date with the school’s hottest cheerleader, a mild-mannered nerd must cope with his father’s return from the dead. But when he uncovers a plot to unleash a zombie apocalypse, Lester must choose between his duty to his family and his desire to send his father back to the grave.


Lester Fenton was originally published in 1992 in Fast Forward, an anthology magazine from the Piranha Press imprint of DC. Piranha published all kinds of non-genre books like Baker’s own Why I Hate Saturn, Sam Kieth’s Epicurus the Sage, Marc HEmpel’s Gregory and other “way ahead of their time” books.


I don’t actually remember reading Lester Fenton, but it’s from a primo period of Baker’s career so I would recommend it sight unseen.


Baker is now self-publishing his library, including another book with a Halloween vibe, I Die at Midnight. In fact if you poke around his Quality Jollity website, who knows what you might find for sale.CvDpfVUVUAAnhV0.png Like adult coloring books.


Happy hunting!



  1. Holy cow, I have most Kyle Baker books (and EPICURUS, and GREGORY, and) but I had no idea about this one. Or maybe I saw it in some list and thought it was some dumb potboiler? But from the samples, it seems as good and funny as WHY I HATE SATURN and THE COWBOY WALLY SHOW. Holy cow. (Shame on the DM to be so hostile to mainstream books such as Baker’s.)

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